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Having stood by the history of the fire fighting industry in Korea,
Paratech will now reach greater heights toward the world and a greater future.

  • Even until the 1970s, the concept of fire prevention was not familiar throughout the society resulting in large fire accidents such as the Daeyeongak Hotel incident and Mammoth Hotel incident causing enormous loss of lives and property

    In 1973, when the fire fighting industry did not even exist, Paradise Industry started out with the corporate philosophy of “company that contributes to human society by protecting lives and property against fire,” and acquired more than 20 national certifications for fire fighting products including the sprinkler, and began to supply them for the first time in Korea. In the 1980s, starting from radiators for heating, Paradise Industry acquired KS (Korea Industrial Standard) marks for pressure regulators, liquefied petroleum gas valves, ball valves and hot water distributors.

    In 1995, Paratech established ‘R&D Center’ and developed the system for improving the design of existing products, new product R&D, and industry-academy cooperation. Under the difficult business environment, Paradise Industry continuously pushed forward with new product development and released a completely new concept and design sprinklers, a automatic fire extinguisher to prevent fire accidents in the kitchen, and CPVC with excellent anti-corrosiveness.

  • Paratech also developed the sprinkler flexible hose used in the construction of fire fighting facilities for the clean room of semiconductor and LCD plants and acquired US FM certification, and Paradise Industry also acquired 31 international certifications of US's UL/FM, England’s LPCB, and Japanese FESC for sprinklers, valves, and Sprinkler flexible hose for export sales to many countries. As a result, Paradise Industry won the 5 Million Dollars Export Tower Award in 2006.

    As the fire fighting products are directly connected with the safety of the people, Paratech established the product development principles of “making all the products light, beautiful, safe, convenient, cost-competitive, new, and fast” along with the perfect quality control system with the slogan, ’Right from the Beginning.’

    Owing to such efforts, Paratech received the ISO 9001 certification, the Presidential Award at the National Shift Convention for 2 years in a row, Presidential Award in the facilities management section at the National Quality Management Convention, Tin Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit, and Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit, certification for excellent quality for sprinkler from the Korea Institute of Fire Industry & Technology in March 2008, and won the Good Design (GD) mark from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy for

  • the newly developed automatic fire extinguishers in 2009.

    Also, Paratech declared a new BI, “FESCO”, in 2006 to lay the foundation for developing a global brand and won the Best Brand Management Award in the same year.

    All executives and staff members of Paratech will continuously make efforts to fulfill the vision of “the world leading company in the fire fighting industry” based on a positive attitude and creative mind.

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