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  • Paratech was established in 1973 with the corporate philosophy of “company that contributes to human society by protecting lives and property against fire.”

    For the past 38 years, Paratech has been continuously making efforts on high quality products, improvement of employee’s quality of life, more returns to shareholders, adding new business, and the vision of ‘the world leading company in the fire fighting industry’

    Despite very difficult business environment under the financial crises at the end of 1997 and 2007, Paratech continuously pushed forward with new product development, facility investment, acquisition of overseas certificates to enhance quality and expedite export, service quality enhancement, and continuous changes and innovation activities.

  • Such efforts resulted in the acquisition of the Presidential Industrial Service Medal, Tin Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit, Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit, Korea Safety Grand Prize, Presidential Award in the facilities management section at the National Quality Management Convention, and Prime Minister’s Citation in acknowledgement of the merit for the advancement of the fire fighting industry.

    Paratech will continue to make great efforts to become the most competitive company in the world through the management policy of “Build the corporate culture under the solid belief, See things in a new way, and changing.”

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