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Paratech is developing and manufacturing fire fighting products that protect people's lives and property from fires.

  • Paratech has established R&D Center since 1995. R&D Center has been pushing forward with new product development, improvement of existing product, and design and making facilities automation under the principles of “making all the products light, beautiful, safe, convenient, cost-competitive, new, and fast”

    Now the laboratory is leading the design innovation by improving product performances, carrying out Government-funded projects such as “Design Development Assistance Program”, and establishing industry-academy cooperation.

    Also, based on the technology and know-how built up since the establishment of the company, R&D Center of Paratech has acquired international certificates including US’s UL/FM, England’s LPCB, and Japanese FESC for 31 products including sprinkler heads, valves, and Sprinkler flexible hoses. Now it applies 3 more products’ certification to complete in 2010.

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